Hello there, I’m Nicole. 

My life has been a complicated one but one in which I believe is meant to be shared with you.

The Fun Stuff:  I’ve always lived in the suburbs but have a dream of living on a farm with a barn full of horses.  I love all things Home Decor/Design and the next best Natural Beauty product.  I may have a Pinterest addiction.  Inspirational quotes are my go to and I have a secret obsession with words on t-shirts.  My passion is Wellness and Health Advocacy.  Even my closest friends never knew this but my guilty pleasures are salted dark chocolate and french fries (not together).  I love cranking up the volume and singing to my favorite songs far too loud.  Belly laughs and a family room dance party to a little old school hip hop or a good country song will always make life feel a little less heavy on the hard days.  

I’ve been married almost 18 years to the young man I met 27 years ago, at the young age of 13.  What a unbelievable journey it has been.  Our house is never quiet…filled with 4 crazy boys (ages 15, 13, 11, & 9), medical supplies, an and insanely smart Great Dane mix.

The Complicated Stuff:  Life has certainly taken quite a few unexpected twists and turns over the last years.  Making sacrifices and supporting my husband through his corporate climb.  Several medical challenges thrown our way, none of which you can ever be prepared for.  I’ve hit some pretty low points along the way.  There has been a lot of pain and darkness.  Times I questioned life,  my worthiness, and my purpose here on earth.  With time and a lot of digging deep, I’ve found peace and clarity.  I’ve used my life experience to become a strong advocate for Child & Women’s Health and Integrated Healthcare.  

My Current Season – Ownership & Growth: A time in which I’ve recognized the importance of focusing on myself.  Reflecting on my life and owning every piece of my story.  Facing all that I’ve been through and all that I’ve learned along the way.  Now navigating this new path of figuring out who I am, what I believe, what I want, what I will tolerate, what I truly need, and who I want to surround myself with.  It can be a little uncomfortable, well maybe a lot at times.  It has been key to feeling grounded and finding myself again.

Doing work I’m passionate about is everything to me.  Giving back, supporting, and encouraging women and families to advocate for themselves has given me a purpose.  To help them find the support they need and provide motivation to keep going even on the hard days…I can’t tell how much it means to me.  At the end of the day what we all are really searching for is real authentic connection.  To feel seen, heard, and accepted no matter what our story looks like.  It’s a game changer!!!

I’m so thrilled to have you here.  I truly hope you find inspiration, a sense belonging, and the connection you were looking for.

Inspiration to Gracefully Live Your Truth, Create a Mindful Home,

& Fiercely Conquer Wellness.