Hey there, I’m Nicole.

I’ve always lived in the suburbs, love big cities, but have a dream of living on a farm with a barn full of horses.  I have a love for Home Design, Healthy Living, and the next best Beauty product.  A nice relaxing glass of wine is my go to, but when all else fails tequila isn’t to far behind.

I’ve been married almost 17 years to the young man I met 27 years ago, at the young age of 13.  Crazy I know!  What a whirlwind of a journey it has been.  Our house is never quiet…filled with 4 crazy boys (ages 14, 12, 10, & 8), medical supplies, an insanely smart dog, & busy schedules.  As if life wasn’t chaotic enough, my husband and I decided to build a new home 3 years ago.  If spend endless hours planning, designing, and making it feel like home.  Life has certainly taken a few unexpected twists and turns over the last 6 years.  Many medical issues no one can ever plan for.  Through all the life experience I’ve become a strong advocate for Child & Women’s Health and integrated healthcare.

If I’m completely honest I’ve hit some pretty low points along the way, which has given me even more of a push to focus of me.

I’m currently in a season of life that is focused on personal growth…

Knowing my Truth & Owning who I am and all I’ve gone through.

Doing work I’m passionate about.

Engaging in meaningful positive relationships.

Embracing all that is life…the messy, the beautiful, the everyday in between.

I have this deep internal drive to find happiness amongst the chaos and messiness life has often thrown at us.  I’m determined more than ever to focus on what really matters. To rebuild connections within my marriage and my own family.  Turning my fears and anxieties into motivation and strength.  To pursue my own passions.  To share my story.  To Build a Life I Love.

Embrace the Messy, Grow, & Build a Life You Love